schroeder_investigative_servicesAt Schroeder & Associates, we specialize in the following:

Products Liability Defense: Work closely with national, local counsel, and paralegals to obtain factual information. Evidence locate and secure, witness locates and interviews.

Medical Malpractice Defense: Work closely with Physicians, Attorneys and Paralegals to obtain factual information.

Insurance Fraud Defense: Work closely with Special Investigations Units, Adjusters and Legal Team to obtain factual information.

Trial/Pre Trial Litigation Support: Work closely with National, Local Councils and Paralegals to obtain factual information.

Transportation Defense: Immediate Response to accident location, secure evidence, obtain witness names, first responders names and unit identification, conduct informal interviews, track vehicles involved.

Self Insured Defense: Work closely with Claims Department and Legal Team to obtain factual information regarding claims.

Immediate Response Unit: Within hours our team can be on the ground of an incident. Collect witness, first responders and all parties’ identification. Track / secure evidence, photo/video debris field. Compile file for future action if/when needed.

Overt / Covert Specialist: Surveillance of claimants / plaintiffs’ daily activities with photographic support. Interview parties associated with claimant, witnesses and providers.

Corporate Intelligence Specialist

protecting_interestsAccident Reconstruction Specialist

Data Recovery Specialist

Witness and Evidence Locates

High End Repossession Specialist

Non-custodial Recovery Specialist

Cold Case Expert

Political Due Diligence 

Political Related Investigations

  • We also have a Domestic Unit that handles matters of Infidelity
  • Hourly Fees [and or] Annual Retainer Options
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