protecting_interestsWe are a defense-based full service investigative agency headquartered in central Maryland and have worked matters nationwide and in Canada.
With offices in Maryland and New York, Schroeder & Associates has been serving major vehicle and equipment manufacturers, insurance companies, health care providers, self-insured companies and the general public for more than 25  years.

We specialize in the following areas:

Products Liability Defense / Medical Malpractice Defense / Insurance Fraud Defense / Trial/Pre Trial Litigation Support / Transportation Defense / Self Insured Defense / Immediate Response Unit / Overt / Covert Specialist / Corporate Intelligence Specialist / Accident Reconstruction Specialist / Data Recovery Specialist / Witness and Evidence /  Locates / High End Repossession Specialist / Non-custodial Recovery Specialist / Cold Case Expert / Political Due Diligence / Political Related Investigations
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