protecting_interestsSchroeder & Associates are a private investigative agency based near Baltimore. With offices in Maryland and New York, Schroeder & Associates has been serving major vehicle and equipment manufacturers, insurance companies, health care providers, self-insured companies and the general public for more than 25 years. We are a defense-based full service agency headquartered in central Maryland and have worked matters nationwide and in Canada.
We also serve as an extension of customer service departments for major clients investigating and researching customers’ concerns about products and their performance in the real world.


Our Areas of Expertise Include the Following:

Products Liability Defense / Medical Malpractice Defense / schroeder_investigative_servicesInsurance Fraud Defense / Trial or Pre Trial Litigation Support / Transportation Defense / Self Insured Defense / Immediate Response Unit / Overt or Covert Specialist / Corporate Intelligence Specialist / Accident Reconstruction Specialist / Data Recovery Specialist / Witness and Evidence /  Locates / High End Repossession Specialist / Non-custodial Recovery Specialist / Cold Case Expert / Political Due Diligence / Political Related Investigations

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